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Pre-courses Start Dec 2020, Courses Jan 2021

12 Months Duration

Extracurricular Activities with MFTDT Partners

Fintech Tour in 3 TOP European Fintech Hubs

Fully Online with Virtual Classrooms

12 Scholarships Available

Application deadline: Jan 5, 2021 

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Claudio Giannotti

Director Dep. Law, Economics, Politics and Modern languages

 #MFTDT Director

Matteo Concas

Co-Founder and CMO

 #Fintech Course

Co-Founder & Partner

#Digital Marketing Course

#Quant Techniques for Marketing 


Paolo Meola

Chief Innovation Officer - FSO

#Insurtech Course

Carlo Alberto Minasi

Head of Organization

#Digital Transformation Course

Matteo Rossanigo

Quant Research, Senior Associate

#AI in Finance: Big Data & Machine Learning Course

Pier Francesco Procacci

Corinna Scatena

Head of Legal for Mobile Bank

#Regulation & Compliance Course

More MFTDT Directors to come!


#Innovation Management

#Enterpreneurship and Growth Hacking

#Coding Lab

Master's Tutor

MFTDT will select a candidate with excellent time management,  leadership and communication skills to support Program Managers and students in administrative, marketing and project management tasks

Future Woman in Fintech

Designed for female applicants who have been inspirational throughout their academic or professional career and want to become leaders in the Fintech world

The next Fintech Entrepreneur

Designed for ambitious applicants who have a strong entrepreneurial mindset and have proved - in any kind of initiative (company, school club, sports team) - their creativity, leadership skills and endurance

Talent in STEM

Designed is for applicants who hold a STEM degree and have an extraordinary academic or professional track record

Future Fintech Leader

Designed for applicants who have demonstrated great enthusiasm and a natural aptitude to lead a team through their academic or professional career

Talent in Social Studies, Economics & Law

Designed for applicants who hold a degree in Social Studies, Economics & Law or have worked extensively in the field and have an outstanding academic or professional track record



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The program will officially start in December


You will deepen your knowledge of:

  • Statistics

  • Power Point

  • Excel

December 2020

Module 1 - Foundations

  • Banking & Capital Markets

  • Capital Budgeting

  • Advanced Corporate &
    Investment Banking

  • Coding Lab

  • Regulations & Compliance

January - March 2021

Module 2 - Advanced Topics

  • Fintech & Insurtech

  • Regtech

  • Digital Marketing

  • Entrepreneurship and Growth Hacking

March - June

Fintech Tour

Main fintech hubs in Europe:

  • Milan

  • Madrid

  • Berlin

Summer 2021

Module 3 - Advanced & Quant Topics

  • AI in Finance: Big Data & Machine Learning

  • Quant Tecniques for Marketing

  • Innovation Management

  • Digital Transformation

  • Value Design Workshop

June - July

Module 4 - Internship/Project Work

You will be asked to choose one of the following activities:

  • Internship

  • Project Work

  • Startup Project

  • Research Project

July - November



December 2021

MFTDT Lecturers answer:

"Why have you decided to join the MFTDT faculty?"

Raffaele Mauro

Managing Director at

Endeavor Italy

Because I want to give back to younger generations and create new opportunities for the local innovation ecosystem and fintech community.

Corinna Scatena

Head of Legal for Mobile Bank at


I studied my law degree at LUMSA and I know the great value of its learning programs. The MFI specifically is essential to these people who wish to make the difference in the Fintech field taking an active role: thanks to the knowledge acquired through the MFI they can help the players in the financial market reach their next level

Stefano Bonini

Chief Risk Officer at PIGRECO
Former Executive at Accenture

Because I am a Millennial, the very first step of a new generation wave and the MFI has been the first Master in Fintech and Innovation launched in Italy. Moreover, since my first job was in a “pure online bank”, I would say that destiny decided that I had to join the MFI. 

Let me add that I am very happy to contribute to the first Italian Master in Fintech & Innovation where I will share my experience with new realities and young people who want to grow in the new finance ecosystem.

Maurizio Raffone


Director of the International Committee

#Asian market development

Giovanni Buono


#Head of Spanish & Portuguese markets development

Alvise Perssinotto

Managing Director

#Head of German market development 

MFTDT Alumni answer:

"Why did you decide to join the MFTDT?"

Davide (MFI Alumnus 2018-2019)

After graduating in Applied Mathematics, I decided to apply for the Master in Fintech &
Innovation for two reasons. Firstly, I wanted to know more about Fintech, which is currently
revolutionizing the financial world and changing the way we interpret Finance. Then, I was
committed to improving my knowledge of Data Science, Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Regulation.

Federico (MFI Alumnus 2018-2019)

Because I was impressed by the number of connections all around the world and my idea was to start an international career.

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(former Master in Fintech & Innovation - MFI) 

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